Stupid Cities

Our cities are badly designed, exclude and endanger

We want to hear your wheeled experiences moving through public spaces.

Share your photos of your cities access fails on social media tagged: #stupidcities or send access fails to

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Public spaces and their design plays a key part in how we engage and move through society. We are interested in the tension between the public space and the individual and how we can find new ways of seeing our cities.

Part street art, placemaking, hardware hacking and advocacy, our goal is to improve the social equality of our cities by challenging their current design. Making visible the invisible micro-aggressions of unaccessible design and behaviour


I want to scream and shout but I keep quiet and move around another undipped curb, parked car, blocked pavement or some other micro-aggression of access. Another stupid city that tells me I do not belong and forces me to endanger my safety or to not participate.

The layers of micro-aggressions slowly accrue, the friction of moving through public spaces increases. Every new journey carries an increasing weight and eventually that weight starts to affect the willingness to engage in society.

Changing the build environments of our cities is a massive problem. Its nothing new, we know some of the answers:

What can we do? This project is about driving changes but most importantly we want a shield to tackle the reality of living with micro-aggressions.

To listen and to shout, LOUDLY and together.





Stupid Cities is a project run by Little Lost Robot CIC. Founded by artists Joseph Wilk and Ruby Jennings. Supported by Bristol+Bath Creative R+D and the South West Creative Network